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Cabin Fever!!


Hey there everyone!

Today I need to speak about a very serious and real issue that occurs when you move.  This post will be most relevant for individuals who move from one city to another, rather than within the same city and/or community.  Additionally, I guess this post could really help anyone who is just looking for another way to meet people or to find a new social scene.

I’m talking about getting the heck out of your house and meeting new people!  After days of organizing, cleaning, sleeping for unnecessarily long periods of time, and watching the cats run and slide all over the hard wood floor – it’s time to break out of your shell and leave the house!  Otherwise you start doing things like this:


And let’s face it.  People judge this kind of behavior.  Harshly.  After these types of things no one really looks at you the same.  They might say they do… but do you really believe that?  I mean really?

But alas!  How can you avoid this type of ridiculousness when you are in a new place?  When the Big Z and I moved here we knew exactly no people.  That was two weeks ago… and today I am happy to report that we still know exactly no people, but that we did meet some nice people last night whom we’d like to get to know better!  We went to our first Denver meetup, and boy did we luck out!

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