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Gearing Up and Chowing Down at Civic Center Eats Outdoor Cafe


So if the Taste of Colorado festival was for the Big Z’s taste buds… then Civic Center Eats Outdoor Cafe is definitely my new friend!  This tasty event features a ton of beautiful food trucks!  And when I say beautiful I mean it!  The food truck scene in Philadelphia is great, but the trucks can seem pretty run down and sketchy to eat from at times.  These trucks were top notch though… a lot of great TLC has gone into creating a welcoming truck food environment!

So CCE is every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-2 at the corner of Broadway and 14th (sound familiar?)!  Well last Thursday the weather was fantastic so I made the trip down to the Civic Center Park (and let’s face it… it’s still early… so I might head back down there again today!).  It was a great walk and I was surprised to get some great pictures on the way!

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Staying Wild Sundays


Hey there everyone!

Today I am going to introduce you to one of the most important parts of my blog… the staying wild series.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to encourage me (and gently push me) to re-connect with my wild, nature-loving self.  Living in Philadelphia for two years, and in highly populated before that, I feel that my natural inclination to turn to nature for safety, security, answers and hope seemed to have drifted slowly away.  The choice to move to Denver, for me, was fueled in part by a deep desire to correct this by bringing wildness and wilderness back into my life!

For the first installation of the series I wanted to talk about urban spaces and their hidden wild-ness.

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