Staying Wild Sunday




Running in Denver.


Who…. in the world… thought… I should… start…. doing that?  <wheeze wheeze>


Holy moley!  Trying to get back in shape after two years of non-shape graduate schooling seems like it’s going to be harder than ever here!  While I have been riding my new bike around for a few days now (pictures below!)… going for my first 1 mile jog today really hurt!  

Now… I’ll be the first to admit that my breathing is always what stops me from running, especially the first 2 weeks of a renewed work out.  I start wheezing, my chest burns with a vigor I didn’t know existed, and I made more saliva than Pavlov’s dog… but today was brutal!  I’m not sure if it is because the air is thinner, or because I am just so out of shape, but I was impressed with how little I could really jog!  Looks like I’m just going to have to get back on the horse/pavement tomorrow and keep trying!  





Yowza… where does the time go between posts.

Much like my sleep schedule, my posting has been inconsistent, either quite short or quite long, and most of all at the wrong time of day!

Anyway… this weekend was spent madly crafting!

Here are some pictures!

As you can see from the last picture… not everyone made it out of the crafting weekend awake.  😉

Not sure when my next post will be.  I have a second interview tomorrow that will take most of my day… but hopefully on Thursday I can update you on all the current haps!

Look forward to this Sunday too… since I have two Staying Wild Sundays to catch up on!


Hold onto your nice, probably well-knit socks everyone… the Pumpkin Games of 2012.