Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a twenty-three year old woman who recently moved to Denver from Philadelphia with my partner Big Z.  This is a blog to help me reach out to my family, friends, and all the new people in my life who are interested in learning more about me and my life.

Things to expect if you choose to read this blog:

1. Awkwardness – it overflows here… don’t pretend like you didn’t already know that!
2. Pictures of cats – I have three of them.  They dominate a significant portion of my time.
3. Way too much text
4. Denver and the mountains
5. Food – I love it
6. A combination of all of the above items with me included… here is an example…

A picture of my cats and I with the mountains in the background, standing on a street in Denver enjoying some delicious food from a local establishment (did you catch how that was all text rather than an actual picture… oh, you don’t understand why that matters?  Re-read point number 3 please).

Well I hope you enjoy my blog!  Thanks for stopping by!

– Ashley


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