Let’s talk about your sick-time remedies!


So… a lot has been going on for me!  Right after my last post I started a new job and I have been going non-stop!  

Where has that left me?  Sick!  

Since Zach has been sick for the last week, and has developed a pretty serious sinus infection I have been putting together some home remedies to help him cope… and now I have to start using them too! 

While I luckily have avoided the sinus infection part I am still dealing with a mild head cold with a headache that comes and goes.  We have invested in a neti pot, and I have been using that, as well as drinking some Emergen-C and lemon echinacea tea.  I am probably even going to try a steam treatment tonight with some tea tree and eucalyptus oil mixed in to help with the nasal issues and ensure a better night of sleeping.  

What types of remedies do you use when you’re battling a cold?  What type of stuff do you have on hand now that the cold season is upon us!!



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