Back on Track and a Happy Birthday to Me!


Hey everyone!  Today I turn 24 and I feel a big shift in my life coming… or maybe I’m easing into the flow that has been swift and steady since last year.

This is how I celebrate things in Denver. With flannel. Lots of flannel. And beards.

This year I have decided to set 24 goals – some easy, some a one-and-done concept, and others a year-long endeavor.  They are listed below, in no particular order… as I complete them I will cross them out, and hopefully post about them too!

Thanks for coming with me on this journey and holding me accountable!






1. Run a 5k, complete it without walking!
2. Start and maintain a spirituality group in Colorado
Go camping at least 10 times in at least 5 different locations
4. Hike a 14er
5.  Cut back on television
6. Attend at least 5 political events (activism related preferably)
7. Volunteer on a regular basis (2 times a month at least)
8. Meditate at least 2 times a week
9. Pursue a spiritual practice informed by my needs, desires, and community.
10. Record 365 days of gratitude
11.  Document and learn about my relationship with food so that I can heal that rift
12.  Read, annotate & ponder 12 non-fiction books – and share with others!
13.  Learn more about natural healing and alternatives to our health system
14. Ask for help from those around me more often
15. Continue my creative pursuits
16. Attend and maintain a therapeutic program
17. Reconnect with friends who have become distant (FL trip in May for one thing!)
18. Mail letters to 12 people, handwritten and full of useless or meaningful information!
19. Go swimming in a lake under the stars
20. Honor my authentic feelings by speaking up, stepping up or back, and sharing
21. Support my sister during her wedding and enjoying her celebration
22. Re-evaluate my commitments… committing to only those that serve me and move me forward on my journey
23. Work with the Big Z to better our communication & shift our relationship to one that is more supportive, authentic, and FUN
24. Quiet myself and pause to better hear what Spirit has planned for/needed of me



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