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Let’s talk about your sick-time remedies!


So… a lot has been going on for me!  Right after my last post I started a new job and I have been going non-stop!  

Where has that left me?  Sick!  

Since Zach has been sick for the last week, and has developed a pretty serious sinus infection I have been putting together some home remedies to help him cope… and now I have to start using them too! 

While I luckily have avoided the sinus infection part I am still dealing with a mild head cold with a headache that comes and goes.  We have invested in a neti pot, and I have been using that, as well as drinking some Emergen-C and lemon echinacea tea.  I am probably even going to try a steam treatment tonight with some tea tree and eucalyptus oil mixed in to help with the nasal issues and ensure a better night of sleeping.  

What types of remedies do you use when you’re battling a cold?  What type of stuff do you have on hand now that the cold season is upon us!!



Back on Track and a Happy Birthday to Me!


Hey everyone!  Today I turn 24 and I feel a big shift in my life coming… or maybe I’m easing into the flow that has been swift and steady since last year.

This is how I celebrate things in Denver. With flannel. Lots of flannel. And beards.

This year I have decided to set 24 goals – some easy, some a one-and-done concept, and others a year-long endeavor.  They are listed below, in no particular order… as I complete them I will cross them out, and hopefully post about them too!

Thanks for coming with me on this journey and holding me accountable!

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Catching Up and Holding On


Hey everyone.  It has been a month and a day since my last post… so many amazing things have happened, but not everything has been rainbows and sunshine either.  I have seriously been struggling with the depression of not getting a job, and it is taking a toll on my motivation!

Last night, however, my vigor and energy was renewed!  After meeting with my aunt, and being reminded that positive things come to those who project positive energy… I have decided to revert back to my days of daily inspirational emails and share some of my favorite image and quote combos!

Also, feel free to scroll down and check out my stated intentions for the blog!

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