Hold onto your nice, probably well-knit socks everyone… the Pumpkin Games of 2012.


Are you super excited that the weather is finally cooling?  I know I am!  I know that I’m glad that I’m not sweating just from sitting around and being lazy… and now, when I am weird and sweaty people will think I’ve been working out.  That somehow seems satisfying even though I don’t really care if I exercise too awful much… but it makes me happy to think I’ve somehow gotten one over on those self righteous joggers and in-line skaters down at Wash Park (who I am secretly jealous of because of their seriously awesome moves).

Are you also excited that it is coming upon my favorite time of the year?   Autumn!  Or as I like to call it… pumpkin and crunchy leave time!

Oh I’m sorry was that not exciting enough for you?


Mother flippin’ PUMPKIN TIME!


I own none of these pictures… they are just a random creation made from random google image finds… but yeah… they suggest all things pumpkins!

Okay everyone… now that I’ve gotten that out of my system and eased your desire for a mid-morning on screen, all caps wake up call… I would like to bid you a fond (and less obnoxious) hello!  Thanks for stopping in.  If you’re interested in seeing my reaping of the limited internet world that I happen upon concerning all things pumpkin, please feel free to scroll down… Otherwise I will bid you adieu you pumpkin hating maniac!  Good riddance!

Okay… I hope I’ve managed to retain only pumpkin lovers at this point!  Any non-pumpkin lovers who are just staying because I made them feel bad… feel free to leave.  You won’t be judged.

Are they gone?

Hurry, ya’ll let’s start judging while we can!

Okay… on more serious globular, orange news… here is a Hunger Games style reaping of all things pumpkin that I could find and thought were interesting.  12 topics, 2 links from each topic.  Only one can win.  Let the Pumpkin Games begin!

To start… let me admit that this post had more format issues than (insert something computerish here).  I can’t seem to just insert eight zillion pictures… creating a gallery makes more sense… so I’m now working on reinserting links back to the pages of the original photos/recipes.  So bare with me please!

Ok, for the real start now… I had originally thought to only make food a single category… and then I looked in the proverbial mirror and laughed at myself… when have I ever thought to make food just one single category?  HA!  Food is delicious and should be enjoyed at every meal, snack, late night fridge rampage, and quick mid-day graze.

Also, let’s face it… are there really 11 other categories to look at in relationship to pumpkins?  Sheesh.

District 1: Breakfast –  This the kind of thing I’m forced to make the night before, because coffee or not… I do not have that kind of motivation before noon.

District 2: Lunch – In my brain lunch is awesome and light.  To the rest of the world lunch is just a smaller dinner.  I’m okay with that… so long as my mini dinner is awesome, vegan, and friggin’ delicious.

District 3: Dinner – Dinner is a malleable thing.  Much like District 3 in the HG world is known for technology (thanks Wikipedia for refreshing my memory… ::wipes non knowledgeable brow off:: )… Dinner is known for the quick leaps and bounds it can take when needed.  It’s 3 pm when you wake up… dinner isn’t going to be at the typical 6 of 7 because your lazy butt has only been awake for 3 or 4 hours… but dinner is there.  Waiting for you.  Preparing to be what you need.  Do you need a 64 inch television? No.  Do you need waffles for dinner?  No.  But do these things occasionally make us happier against the sheer unbelievable absurdity that can be life?  Waffles yes… large TV, not so much.  It was a crappy analogy… but what I’m trying to say is… sometimes you need waffles for dinner.  Sometimes you just need the option of waffles for dinner… and never is this more true than in the fall when you pull out your sweaters and scarfs and settle down for a late (or early) dinner.

District 4: Dessert – ‘Nough said.

District 5: Drinks – What sparked this entire post was the early morning half walk/half ride to the super close Rawr-bucks to get a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I brought 5 dollars with me, and was excited to get a rather large coffee.  It has been, so far, a rainy, rather chilly day (my first here in Denver) and you know what… I wanted a stupid coffee.  “I would like a venti pumpkin spice latte with soy no whip, please”, says I.  “5.80something”, says the barista whom I know wishes me no ill will… and yet I begin to rumble inside of myself… forced to ask for a size smaller… only to discover that my total only drops to 5.56!  Resigned to no coffee, or at least no pumpkin spice latte I start to look defeated.  (Insert sad awkward defeated face here).  But wait!  The super nice barista takes pity on my rain spattered self and spots me the 56 cents!  Life is good, and Coloradoans are kind. Needless to say, I will not be getting another over priced pumpkin coffee this season… but I will go back and give that lovely barista a piece of my slightly more caffeinated mind… as well as 56 cents and a nice tip.

After food I moved onto categories that were really only one category.  How shocking.

District 6: Clothing – Okay… I struggled with this category a bit.  Would the clothing have to contain pumpkins?  Or simply be inspired by them?  Was pumpkin colors enough… or was that cheating?  It’s hard to say… but I think I towed a delicate line of… oh wait. . . I made up the rules… I guess there really was no towing.  ::sigh::

District 7: Accessories – I have to admit that scouring Etsy for the most beautiful pumpkin jewelry was not too tough… although I’m sure glad I have zero money or it could have been an awesome day to buy some handmade work to supplement my collection

District 8: Craft – Because while glitter never really leaves after you’ve invited it in… it still looks rockin’ on most everything.

District 9: Jayk-o-lanterns (The non-conforming, non-gender specific cousin of the radically boring Jack-o-lanter… yeah…. it’s that kind of blog btw)  – Totoro and the Doctor.  An epic duo.  If you don’t know who these characters are… click here to learn about Totoro and here to learn about the Doctor.

District 10: Pumpkin patch – Spirals and corn mazes are among my favorite things!  I love them.  And I can still remember back to my not-so-distant (I swear!) childhood and watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” with my family!

District 11: Photography – Shall we be frank?  I have no true discerning eye for photography.  I like things that look nice, and I like instagram.  If that doesn’t suit your style… you may be better off at a different blog.  Although it would be nice if you stayed…

District 12: Miscellaneous – Like I said… if I had cut the food posts down into 1 category think how much more weak and vague these last few categories could have been!

** Anywho… after you check out these last few pictures (or RE-reviewed the selections) feel free to leave some comments and vote for your favorite tribute and of course follow the picture click throughs to check out the original posts and blogs!  Or… you know… you could volunteer your own pumpkin tributes also.  Talk to you soon, and happy Pumpkin Games – May the fun be ever in your favor!!!



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    • Me too! I’m super excited to be making a delicious pumpkin spice latte this morning as a reward for going for a jog! All the deliciousness, with extra fiber (yay for going to the bathroom), and no added sugar! YUM!

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