Looking back at “A Taste of Colorado”


Sheesh!  Where in the world have I been for the last week! Yikes!

Here is my review of a Taste of Colorado (which the Big Z and I went to a week ago TODAY).  Much overdue, but I hope you will enjoy!

A Taste of Colorado is an annual taste-fest at Civic Center Park in the heart of Denver.  The glory of the event is that you buy tickets at the start, and rather than have to buy full sized meals from each vendor you can get a small bite to eat from each place, and truly get a taste of all of the delicious foods that exist all over Denver!

Well, the event wasn’t terribly vegan friendly so this turned out to be an event that sought to please the belly of the Big Z… and his voracious belly was not disappointed!

It was definitely a strange day for the Big Z’s stomach… but even bigger news is coming for it!  After a meat-stravaganza at the Taste of Colorado… the Big Z has agreed to go vegan for the month of October (so long as I cook for him!)!  How exciting!  So prepare yourself… during the month of October I will be posting some of the delicious recipes that I make, a grocery list, and a meal plan for anyone interested in following along with the Big Z’s challenge or trying out veganism for themselves!

Keep tuned in for some more exciting pictures from my adventures this week… including a visit to Sloan’s lake and the Edgewater farmer’s market, and the delicious reality that is Civic Center Park Eats!

As a final thanks for visiting check out the mix I put together today… it’s deliciousness for your ears… and it’s what was a great start to my very early morning today!  I hope you enjoy!

– Ashley


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