Three Days of Design



Three days ago we moved into our lovely new one bedroom apartment!  While it is considerably smaller than what we had in Philadelphia, it suits our needs just fine.  With lovely hardwood floors in the galley kitchen and living room area, and a SUPER plush carpet in the bedroom we are very pleased.  However, when we moved into the apartment our boxes and some thrifted furniture bought in Colorado Springs took up all the space.  I wasn’t quite sure how we would get everything in the apartment… and I was even more unsure after we went to Ikea and bought the things we absolutely needed… like a mattress and shelf.   The above before pictures don’t quite tell the whole story, but at a little less than 500 sq ft… organizing and decorating this apartment will be a challenge.

Luckily, I am absolutely up to the challenge!  After day one was complete… here is what the apartment looked like!

It certainly ended on a good note!  With a lot accomplished, and a few wet cats, I’d sure say it was an eventful day!


Now day 2 was a bit more of a challenge.

Where to start?  Should we take care of the living room/kitchen or focus more on the bedroom?  There was considerably more to do in the living room/kitchen, and more storage out that way… so that is where I started.

Here is the collage of the end of day two.  I was able to paint the coffee table and tv stand, assemble and organize the shelf/bench… and, of course, unpack a number of boxes!


Day 3 brought on even more design work!  Here is the main highlight!  My new gallery feature above the TV with track lighting providing the beautiful lighting.  Lucky for me that the spray paint that I used for the table provided the foreground, and watered down acrylic paint provided the background.  The lighter colored canvases are colored with watered down acrylic craft paint.  I love it!  I can’t believe how great it turned out!


As for life in Denver… things have been pretty sweet here!  Starting with a delicious ice cream shop just a few blocks from our place on Broadway.  This shop offers two vegan ice cream flavors a day… today I was lucky enough to get a delicious scoop of chocolate ice cream on a sugar cone!  Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a delicious day!


More pictures to come from our adventure to Watercourse!  A delicious vegetarian/vegan restaurant!


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