Getting Started… Road Trip RE-cap!


First post!  Let’s go crazy!

Okay.  Well maybe not crazy, but hey… why don’t we re-cap the journey we took to get here (West Wash Park) from West Philly!

To start… at 2 am on August 10th we lit our final sparklers left over from a super fun summer, and took off into the proverbial sunset.


Our first stop after leaving Philly was in Columbus Ohio…  luckily it was lunch time and the Big Z was able to get a delicious Skyline lunch!



Then it was back to driving!  And driving we did!  For hours and hours and hours, until we reached Indianapolis!  Then it was sleepy time… and then more driving!


Luckily, we had three co-pilots that made the trip more interesting!


Not to mention, they sure were inquisitive and learned how to drive quickly.  Greybeard and Twinkie were checking the side mirrors as Stripes waited by the pedals for the go-ahead.


Luckily after only one more night layover in Kansas City, we made it to the Colorado border where we were greeted by an amazing welcome center where we took some really fantastic brochures and pictures!  Too bad stopping here made us realize just how much further we had left to go!


Not surprisingly though, we made it to Colorado Springs safe and sound where we stayed with friends for a few days and spent time looking for an apartment and settling in to Colorado!

And then… only a few days after arriving into the state… we found our new place!  YAY!  And thus, this past Monday, we made our way to West Washington Park… affectionately known as West Wash Park, a neighborhood of Denver located near (and named by) Washington Park.  We have spent the past three days moving in, and soon I will post pictures of the the day to day before and after’s.  One of the things that I get to work on right now, since I don’t have a job yet, is decorating and designing the apartment in a way that is pleasing to the eyes, and makes the place feel like home!  I didn’t really get the chance to do that fully in Philadelphia, so this is an opportunity!

Alright… off to go do more unpacking and organizing!


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